Sunday Seminars

September 16, 2018




Coffee, Cola, and Cheese, Oh My!

Vanessa Chang, ACS CCP - $79

You've learned the art of pairing a Pinot Noir with the perfect cheese. You’ve played around with which cheeses make the hoppiest of beers sing. Maybe you’ve even tested the bounds of whiskey and its cheesy counterparts. Well, meet the next in your pairing odyssey: cheese and non-alcoholic beverages! In this course you’ll join Vanessa Chang, a veteran of unconventional cheese pairings, to find the perfect foil to hot coffee, tea and even cola all while celebrating some of California’s finest cheese offerings. Happy sipping! 


web sf cheese fest-47.jpg

California Dreamin': Exploring California Cheese

Liz Rubin, Bi-Rite Market - $69

Many cheese eaters don’t realize just how lush our cheese landscape is in the Golden State. While Mt. Tam and Humboldt Fog may already be cheese board mainstays (and for good reason!) there is a whole world of cheese yet untapped by even the most sophisticated cheese connoisseur. Join Liz Rubin, Cheese Buyer for Bi-Rite Market, to discover the best cheeses you’ve never had and learn why happy cows really DO come from California. 



Corks + Curds:  Cheeses and Wines of California

Kirstin Jackson, It's Not You, It's Brie - $79

Californians are spoiled by our stellar weather, our great produce and of course, our wine and cheese! The old adage of “what grows together, goes together” gets put to the test in this class showcasing the best of California cheeses and wines. Kirstin Jackson, author of “It’s Not You, It’s Brie” and a seasoned pairing maven, will introduce you to some great vintages and her favorite cheeses to pair them with. You’ll learn some fundamentals of getting a knock-out every time, all while enjoying the fruits (and curds) of our California bounty. Cheers!